About Vida

Vida Group has started its activities in Iran with the aim of supporting Iranian producers, goods and workers, as well as supporting consumers in easy and cost-effective purchases, elimination of additional intermediaries and with the slogan of change in favor of colorful life in Iran. With the support of customers and progress in parallel with global markets in the sales system, to bring Iranian quality goods to a desirable position at the international level and with the help of God Almighty take a step in the country’s economic cycle, honor Iranian workers and maintain valuable customer position as a business partner , In Vida we are all one family

Why Vidaa?

In Vida, we have given priority to the dynamics of the country’s economic cycle in favor of Iranian workers, consumers and producers, the direct purchase of Iranian goods from the capable hands of workers in this region, the uniqueness of our products, providing more health and comfort, guaranteeing services After sales, easy shopping with online ordering and door-to-door delivery, the possibility of settling the account when the goods are delivered, returning the goods in case of dissatisfaction, using the discount if we introduce others, and… are only part of your profit in trading with Vida.
It is our heartfelt belief that we are a family with our customers